Babou Story

Meet Babette, Founder of Babou

When I found out I am fructose intolerant, I started to add more fruits and raw vegetables into my diet and prepared my own organic cold-pressed juices to be more energised. 


Surprisingly, I shifted from a ‘depressed’ mindset to a happy, self-driven person within 10 days whilst my environment was the same. 

I used to believe ‘you can if you want’, but I realise the food you eat strongly influences your capability to think clearly, increases your confidence and helps you achieve your goals in life.

Three months later, I was so driven I started my own business Babou - squeeze life to the full!


My vision is to share with you the real potential of eating more fruits and vegetables beyond ‘losing weight’. Nutrition science is at its beginning and we know that eating a healthy diet influences our well being, helps us enjoy a better life and can prevent common ‘western world’ diseases such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers.

Would you like to be happy everyday?

Come and join me in my journey!

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Our juices

Cold-pressed to order

Our goal is to help you be healthier everyday.

Our cold-pressed juices are freshly made to order with 100% fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed and unpasteurised, you will get all the nutrients, live enzymes and minerals you need to help you live life to the full.

Corporate catering

You have to organise a health and wellness week or a corporate breakfast?


Book our pop-up stall:

You can book our pop-up stall to enjoy our cold-pressed juices made fresh to order! Please drop us a line and we'll send you a quote.

Or get our juices in glass jars:

We can also deliver our juices in glass bottles. We press them just before the delivery so you will enjoy their freshness.

We can deliver any office in Melbourne CBD, St Kilda Road, Docklands, and Southbank from a minimum of 20 juices.

Please send us an email to receive an accurate quote and our juice menu.

You are what you eat

- Victor Lindlahr -

Markets and Events

Where to enjoy our juices?

We have opened our first shop at:

34 Block Place - Melbourne

Monday -Friday 8am-4pm and Sat/Sun 9am-5pm


We still love to be part of markets and festivals to offer healthy feel-good moments with our cold-pressed juices made fresh in front of you. Check out our calendar to enjoy our juices on the road!

Every Saturday | Hank Marvin market - Elsternwick Primary    | 9am-3pm 

Sun 22 Sep      | Williamstown Farmers market                         | 9am-2pm

Sun 7 Oct        | Gisborne Olde Time Market                           | 9am-2pm

Sun 13 Oct      | Williamstown Farmers market                         | 9am-2pm

Sat 19 Oct       | Emu Plains - Balnarring                                    | 9am-2pm

Sun 20 Oct      | Torquay Cowrie market                                    | 9am-3pm

Sat 26 Oct       | Little Beauty Market - Frankston                     | 9am-2pm 

Sun 27 Oct      | Williamstown Farmers market                         | 9am-2pm

Sun 3  Nov      | Gisborne Olde Time Market                           | 9am-2pm

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Contact us


0405 635 035

You can also visit us at

34 Block Place, Melbourne

Any questions, please ask!

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